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Download ExELL™ FORGEDIE Spec sheet

ExELL™ ForgeDie is a chromium-nickel-molybdenum alloy hot-work steel which has been developed especially for forging die block applications. ExELL™ ForgeDie is characterized by:

  • Good through hardening characteristics resulting in good hardness distribution even in very large sections
  • Excellent machinability
  • Good hot strength and hot hardness
  • Easy repair welding

ExELL™ ForgeDie is manufactured in a fully integrated manufacturing facility for specialty tool steels. The facilities are state-of-the-art beginning with advanced ASEA-SKF steel making capabilities that include an ultra high power electric arc furnace with subsequent/multiple ladle refining, and vacuum degassing for the most complete and modern ladle metallurgy technology. New high powered open die forging presses, heat treat and machining equipment complete the die steel manufacture in ISO 9001 facilities.


Typical Analysis

Typical Analysis %

C Mn Si Ni  Cr  Mo V
0.45 0.95 0.25 0.55 1.6 0.3 0.1

Delivery Condition

ExELL™ ForgeDie is supplied in a prehardened condition. Various temper hardness ranges are available.


ExELL™ ForgeDie has been developed for forging applications and is recommended for:

  • Die blocks
  • Bolster plates
  • Insert dies
  • Trim dies
  • Sow blocks
  • Hammer rams and guides
  • Holders
  • Piston rods and heads



Jominy Hardenability of ExELL™ ForgeDie


Room Temperature Tensile Properties

Typical tensile data for ExELL™ ForgeDie


Test Direction  UTS (ksi) YS (ksi) % Elong.          % RA
LT 175 150 12 33
ST 170 140 11.5 35

Charpy V-Notch Data

Temp RT 175F 250F 300F 350F 400F 450F
CVN (ft-lb) 10 16 16 16 41 42 42

Heat Treatment

ExELL™ ForgeDie is supplied in the pre-hardened condition and requires no separate heat treatment. For any annealing or re-heat treating instructions, contact Ellwood Specialty Steel at 1-800-932-2188.

Stress Relieving

After rough machining, heat through to 1000F and hold for two hours at temperature. Cool freely in air.


Ellwood Specialty Steel is a fully integrated producer of a wide range of specialty tool steels. Our ExELL™ grades are made with advanced ASEA-SKF steel making capabilities which include an ultra high powered electric arc furnace with subsequent state of the art ladle refining and vacuum degassing equipment for the most complete and modern ladle metallurgy technology.

Our steel making expertise and capability is further enhanced from a long forging history with optimum forging and heat treating practices to develop very special material characteristics of product uniformity, cleanliness, machinability polishability, strength, toughness, hardenability  and other steel properties. All this from production facilities certified to ISO 9002.


Ellwood Specialty Steel is committed to providing products and services which will consistently meet or exceed all quality and performance expectations. We will provide customer and technical service that will ensure complete satisfaction.

Being a very flexible integrated producer, Ellwood Specialty Steel will establish product programs to fully support industry or customer requirements. Our extensive stock programs are supported by very short mill lead times of custom forged products. Customized stock programs are and can be available for specific customer needs.

This information is intended to provide general data on our products and their uses and is based on our knowledge at the time of publication. No information should be construed as a guarantee of specific properties of the products described or suitability for a particular application. Ellwood Specialty Steel reserves the right to make changes in practices which may render some information outdated or obsolete. Ellwood Specialty Steel should be consulted for current information and/or capabilities.

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