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Ellwood Specialty Metals – USA is a fully-integrated producer of a wide range of specialty tool steels. Our ExELL™ grades are made with advanced ASEA-SKF steelmaking capabilities, which include an ultra high-powered electric arc furnace, along with state-of-the-art ladle refining and vacuum degassing equipment—in short, the most complete and modern ladle metallurgy technology available.

The end result is premium quality steels without premium pricing. Our quality level features extremely tight chemistry control for predictable properties and heat treat response. We can also provide supplemental ESR/VAR re-melting.

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Our steelmaking expertise and capability are further enhanced by our long history of employing optimum forging and heat treating practices in order to develop very special material characteristics including product uniformity, cleanliness, machinability, polishability, strength, toughness and hardenability. All this from production facilities certified to ISO 9002.